Cost of ADT’s Pulse System

Like most people Sharon and I are on a budget. We have a young child to think about now, we have the mortgage payments and all sorts of insurance on the new house, our cars and every other thing that we own. We have been trying to figure out whether or not it makes sense to get one of the new types of home security systems. We are looking at the ADT prices for what they call Pulse. It costs just under 28 dollars a month and that gets you 15 pre wired sensors and two wireless keychain remotes. Continue reading Cost of ADT’s Pulse System

Lesehan Morokangen, Bantul: Kualitas Masakan Bebek di Warung Kaki 5 Ini Setara Hotel Berbintang –

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, BANTUL – Ketika senja berganti malam, layaknya kota besar lainya, Yogyakarta akan dipenuhi pedagang kaki lima yang menjajakan beragam jenis makanan.

Mulai dari makanan tradisional hingga modern bisa anda temukan.

Meskipun kaki lima, banyak di antara tempat makan tersebut memiliki kualitas rasa layaknya hidangan hotel berbintang.

Di bilangan Janti, Kecamatan Banguntapan, Kabupaten Bantul terdapat sebuah warung kaki lima yang memiliki kualitas rasa layaknya hotel berbintang.

Bebek bumbu Bali. (Tribun Jogja/Hamim)

Adalah Lesehan Morokangen yang menyediakan beragam jenis masakan dari daging bebek, ayam, dan entok.

Pengunjung lesehan yang berada di bawah jembatan layang Janti ini bisa memilih ketiga unggas tersebut dimasak rica-rica, bumbu bali, bumbu rujak, bacem, dan digoreng.

Es Krim Batok Kelapa Ala Tropic Kafe, Yogya: Segar dan Sehat, Bertabur dari Buah-buahan Segar –

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, SLEMAN – Memasuki kafe yang satu ini, suasana pantai akan langsung terasa.

Bangunan yang di dominasi kayu dengan banyak jendela kaca membuat atmosfer di dalam kafe ini terasa sejuk dan lega.

Es krim batok kelapa dengan topping buah naga. (Tribun Jogja)

Ya, Tropic kafe namanya.

Desain interior yang unik, khas bangunan pinggir pantai sengaja dipakai untuk memperkuat konsep kafe yang memang menyajikan menu ala negara tropis, sesuai namanya.

Menu yang disajikan di kafe ini pun tak kalah unik dengan bangunannya.

Ada es krim ala Tropic Kafe yang disajikan menggunakan mangkuk dari batok kelapa muda.

Hard Rock Cafe Rome – Live Music and Dining in Rome – Rome Restaurants

Modern Rome, the capital of Italy, has been said to have one foot in the past and one in the present, with 2,000-year-old relics right next to ultra-glam fashions and society. We mirror that feeling at our Italian Hard Rock Cafe location with an upbeat, modern feel, super cool Hard Rock merchandise, and a veritable colosseum of music memorabilia. A few touches of classical Rome will remind you of the amazing destination you’re visiting, such as elaborately painted ceilings and Corinthian-style columns.

Looking to enjoy good food and wine? Be proud to partake of the fine dining at our world-class restaurant, where you’ll find not just amazing meals to fit every appetite, but also wide windows on the Roman world. Hard Rock Cafe Rome is the ultimate spot for people watching, a quintessential part of Roman culture. So when in Rome, whether improving your wardrobe or seeking out la dolce vita, visit the Hard Rock Cafe Rome for everything an emperor would desire (chariot not included).

In addition to our Hard Rock Cafe, Rome has plenty of amazing and historical places that are not to be missed. The Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon, and Vatican City are all just a short walk or drive away from our Rome cafe. Be sure to spend a couple of days in our beautiful city, because you’ll need it!

Cafe Roma – Atlantic City NJ

Ming T.

March 10, 2015 My stop in here was quick. Its on the 3rd floor in Caesars. I wanted to grab a quick breakfast before checking out from my room. I had less than 40 mins… March 10, 2015My stop in here was quick. Its on the 3rd floor in Caesars. I wanted to grab a quick breakfast before checking out from my room. I had less than 40 mins… Read More

Michelle P.

March 23, 2015 So I’m still leaving my rating of Café Roma at 2 stars. The food is mediocre, expensive (for what it is) and the service is slow.

Over the weekend, I came… March 23, 2015So I’m still leaving my rating of Café Roma at 2 stars. The food is mediocre, expensive (for what it is) and the service is slow.Over the weekend, I came… Read More

Anonymous D.

September 2, 2015 This place is aweful for breakfast. They take 2 people form \”regular line\” for every 50 people from \”gambler diamond card\” line. Don’t go here to eat unless… September 2, 2015This place is aweful for breakfast. They take 2 people form \”regular line\” for every 50 people from \”gambler diamond card\” line. Don’t go here to eat unless… Read More

Slate Street Cafe – Albuquerque NM on OpenTable

Attended with a party of 3 outdoor seating. Every body is friendly. The food and decor are very very nice; and that’s where the attention to detail stops. The wait staff seem poorly trained, inefficient, and prone to mistakes. Had coffee with my brunch. It not unusual to want a second cup. So I asked for one. Then after a while I went inside and asked for one. Then when our waitress came to check on our meal way way past the half way point, I asked her for one. I got my second cup as my fellow diners plates were being cleared. Coffee. Brunch. Service. They don’t get it. Second example. When the busser came to fill iced tea, he filled one of two glasses and turned to leave. The second ice tea drinker called him back, to have him reach across her rather than moving around the table, then poured tea while holding the glass over her (yes, spillage on paton clothing), and absolutely clueless to how wrong those two actions were. This is management not investing on training staff. Great food, fast kitchen! I wonder If they have a to go menu? Probably won’t be back to find out.

Cafe Roma | St John Life

A fire Sunday gutted Café Roma restaurant, located on the second floor of a masonry building on Veste Gade in Cruz Bay, but Deputy Fire Chief Marx Costanzo said Joe’s Diner on the building’s ground floor got off with only a puddle.

The fire was centered between the restaurant’s dropped ceiling and the roof, Costanzo said. The roof and ceiling were made of wood.

“We don’t know how it started. It’s under investigation,” he said.

The fire didn’t spread to any adjacent buildings in the crowded downtown area. No one was hurt, Costanzo added…. read more

Mostly cloudy with rain showers in the morning, then clear with rain showers

High of 84 degrees F

Breezy: Winds from the ENE at 15 to 20 mph

Chance of rain 20%

Water temperature (Charlotte Amalie Harbor, St. Thomas): 84.9 degrees F

Sunset: 6:38 PM AST

Cafe Roma – Metairie – Metairie LA

I have not been having the best couple of days and basically been in bed not feel too well. Sick or not, I wanted food and I did not want to have to go past my door to get it. Delivery choices are basically limited to pizza or Chinese and I did not want either. I did a search and came up with very limited delivery options to my area and although the reviews for Cafe Roma were not the best, I was lacking the motivation to try and find something better so I made the call.

The ordering process went smoothly. I was quoted a 35 minutes wait time and though I wasn’t counting, I was happy with the actual delivery time.

Service was good, the food, not so much. I ordered the Shrimp Pasta because it was one of the three items that had a picture and though you could tell in the pic that this was not going to be a quality pasta dish (I could see the small, low quality shrimp), it really didn’t look that bad. I was expecting a rich creamy sauce but what I got was pasta swimming in cream with very little flavor. It was a good size portion so you could eat it twice, but would you really want to?

I was excited when I saw that the pasta came with Garlic Bread and a salad included in the price. I upgraded my salad to a Greek Salad. It had all the right ingredients for a delicious Greek Salad, but the ingredients just weren’t as fresh as they should have been and I only ended up eating about half of it. The Garlic Bread was a joke. It was some stale slices of cheese pizza with a little bit of garlic flavoring.

I don’t know what I was thinking (greed, sickness, sugar addiction), but I went ahead and ordered dessert, the Turtle Cheesecake to be exact. It tasted like a pre-made refrigerator dessert so I didn’t like it.

So obviously I didn’t find the food to be all that great and thinking about it now, I ordered a can of Sprite and I got a Barq’s Root Beer instead and that pissed me off (not really, I don’t like root beer but drank it anyway). I am still sitting here wondering why I decided to order from there.

cafe roma albuquerque

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