Unparalleled Lake Michigan Travel Destination

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You won’t find Saugatuck, Michigan on the list of places to visit before you die, and you won’t hear about your favorite band heading to its shores for their next big gig – but Saugatuck offers what most other travel destinations don’t: a calm, cozy town on the shores of Lake Michigan, filled with understated adventures for the whole family, miles of endless beaches, and breathtaking sunsets for some of the most romantic getaways in Michigan.

A Top Rated Lake Shore

The first thing you will notice about Saugatuck, Michigan is its serene backdrop. Sandy beaches, not overflowing with beach umbrellas and boom boxes, but with plenty of room for nature enthusiasts taking in what the big lake has to offer, seagulls skimming the top of the water, and restaurant decks jutting towards the shoreline. In fact, the National Geographic Traveler Magazine rated Saugatuck’s Oval Beach as one of the top two freshwater beaches in America, and the Conde Nast Traveler Magazine rated it as one of the 25 best shorelines… in the world!

Unique Art Galleries, Shops and Restaurants

But nature is not all that Saugatuck has to offer. Practically uninterrupted antique shops, quaint restaurants, clothing shops and more than 35 art galleries line the streets. They offer some of the best window shopping in Michigan and are perfect for Midwest weekend getaways. Here and there, you’ll find an ice cream stand with eager children and adults, waiting their turn for a summer treat. Every June, the Waterfront Film Festival heads to town, and even a Children’s Film Festival draws in crowds in November.

And the List Goes On…

So what can you do after you’ve finished window shopping, tasted the local culinary offerings, and walked the shoreline? What can’t you do is almost a more logical question. Saugatuck is home to three 18-hole championship golf courses, one of which was designed by Arnold Palmer. Canoe, kayak, sailboat and jet ski rentals are readily available. There is a floating maritime museum, a hand-cranked ferry that transports visitors across the Kalamazoo River, boat charters for fishing, horseback riding excursions, a farmer’s market…. the list goes on.

After your relaxing but likely tiring day, choose from a huge array of lodging options. Lake shore resorts, hotels, and the finer bed and breakfasts of Michigan all offer warm, friendly accommodations for just about any sized party and budget. So even though you won’t find Saugatuck, Michigan on the list of places to visit before you die, you just might think you already died and went to heaven once you visit.

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